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R&D Activity ID : AG-0003-A3001
Activity : Screening of candidates
Product Category : Traditional medicine
Respondent ID :
Institution : Philippine Institute of Traditional and Alternative Health Care (PITAHC)
Disease Covered : Various infectious diseases, various microbial infections, Various diseases, Infectious microbial diseases, Microbial infections
Local Partners : Cagayan Valley Herbal Processing Plant (CVHPP); Tacloban Herbal Processing Plant (THPP); Davao Herbal Processing Plant (DHPP)
Foreign Partners :
Local Funding Sources :
International Funding Sources :

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Capabilities' Survey

ASEAN - NDI is conducting a survey of institutions involved in research and development (R & D), manufacturing, and production of drugs, diagnostics, vaccines, and traditional medicine. Data gathered from this survey will serve as inputs in mapping the capabilities of ASEAN-member countries and in assessing the needs of our region in R & D.

Who should fill out this questionnaire:
The recommended individual is any of, but not limited to, the following: (1) president/dean/ head of the institution; (2) senior research director; (3) head of program or unit conducting research; or (4) a researcher.


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